Shadowbrook Acres' Montanas Zip it Up


Zipper came to my parents as a weanling in 2005 from Sally and Chelsea of Montana! I saddled her once when she was three then took her on a trail ride a week later with 20 others (that was her first true time with a person on her back!). She was just in a halter, not broke, but had more heart and willingness to please than most horses. A fawn, baby deer, came raising down the hillside in front of our horses. A few of the horses spooked but Zipper took it in stride and continued on. My parents sadly had to sell the horses due to financial problems and from that day I swore I would get her back. It was several years and I followed Zip from sad situation to the next. Her first owner starved her and her filly to the point they lost her first and only foal. Her feet were long and never trimmed, it was sickening to see. Zipper disappeared but later I found her nearby, feet still way over grown but she was at a better weight. The owners refused to sell till one day she disappeared again. I found her two more times before I was finally able to get her back! Her feet were still severely over grown and she behaves as if she has had some rough training done. I know with time I will be able to find my sweet, smart, willing Zipper with lots of patience and love.


Sire: Montanas Blue Sky













Dam: Shez Dialin Spirits